The Building

Building History

The origins of the Old Sorting House are both rich and varied. An intriguing mix of businesses have graced this imposing building, but it is the original use which captures the imagination most.

The Post Office undertook a large reform in 1839 and 1840, laying the foundations for the Post Office we recognise today. In searching for new premises within the Angel area during the 1850’s, the Post Master General found opportunities for existing buildings in short supply.

A landmark was required for the postal service of the area, so in the absence of anything suitable, they built their own.

Following two years of work, the Northern District Post Office was finished, presenting an impressive building both inside and out. Whilst the Essex Road façade has mutated over the years, the grand elevation flanking Packington Street prevails and a walk through the vast hall provides compelling evidence as to the scope of operation provided by the Victorian-era postal service.